PhD position in Advanced Experimental Geomechanics and Neutron Diffraction/Imaging

A PhD position is available at the Division of Solid Mechanics at Lund University to work on a project titled “Investigating the mechanics of geomaterials using neutrons – from the intra- and inter-granular scales to bulk behaviour and transport properties”.

The focus of the project is the quantitative characterisation of the multi-scale processes of deformation and their consequences on material properties of rocks related to natural resource engineering applications, such as CO2 sequestration, hydrocarbon production and water resource management. The project will involve developing novel experiments exploiting neutron diffraction strain scanning and neutron imaging in conjunction with original in-situ experimental devices and analysis procedures. Neutron diffraction will enable characterisation of stress distributions in samples as they deform, whilst neutron tomography will be used to study coupled hydro-mechanical evolution. 

For further information, contact Stephen Hall for more details (

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