3 PhD Positions – University of Southampton, UK.

Three new PhD positions are open in the University of Southampton, UK.

 1) Mathematical Modelling of Poro-Mechanics of Soil (Tiina Roose and William Powrie) – This project will investigate how the degree soil water saturation influences soil mechanics, particularly the non-uniformity of moisture content distribution within the soil, which becomes more significant as the range of grain sizes increases. We aim to develop new mathematical model where the role of plants in soil mechanics can be included, which relates to the effects of spatially and temporally heterogeneous wetting and drying cycles on the soil matrix.

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2) Modelling soil dewatering and recharge for cost-effective and climate resilient infrastructure (Tiina Roose and William Powrie) – This project will investigate water dynamics in soil, particularly the factors affecting air entry and drying effects. We will investigate the effect of applying a vacuum at the soil, and how the pressure difference is distributed; The recharge of landfills, where clogging of the soil pores by impurities or the movement of fine particles can be an issue; How feasible it is to control seasonal changes in water content that lead to major shrink/ swell issues with clay embankments.

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3) Experiments of rain droplet penetration of porous media using laser diagnostics (Tiina Roose and Bharath Ganapatrisubramani) – Very little is known about the fundamental fluid dynamics of how the rain penetrates soil and influences the soil wetting and soil surface mechanics. There are many crude and mostly inaccurate modelling approaches available, but there is no fundamental understanding of how raindrops of different sizes penetrate soil pore space. The candidate will design tailored experiments of droplets with different sizes penetrating a variety of porous media. High-fidelity laser diagnostics will be carried out in state-of-the-art refractive index matched facilities that will allow us to measure within and around porous media.

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If you wish to discuss any details of the projects, please contact Tiina Roose, Bioengineering Sciences Research Group, Email: t.roose@soton.ac.uk, Tel: +44 (0) 2380 59 2374.

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