PhD project about Neutron and X-rays imaging on cement paste carbonation at the University of Grenoble (InnovaXN program)

A new PhD position is open in Grenoble (3SR in collaboration with Lafarge/Holcim and ILL/ ESRF) in France. The project aims at studying the chemo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of cement paste during carbonation in the context of C02 sequestration in recycled aggregates.
The technical strategy is to benefit from recent development in terms of bi-modal imaging (X-rays and Neutron) to investigated in real-time the C02 reaction with cement paste. Development of the chemical part of a fully coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical models is also planned to optimize the industrial process of C02 sequestration to reach carbon neutrality of cement industry.

Further details in the attached Pdf.

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