Call for abstracts to EGU 2021 session on shallow geothermal energy

We are pleased to inform you that a new session dedicated to shallow geothermal energy for building heating/cooling has been proposed in the context of the vEGU21: Gather Online (#vEGU21), the virtual event hosted by the European Geoscience Union EGU. The meeting dates are 19–30 April but all technical sessions are scheduled during the last week of April.

The ERE 2.6 session is entitled Shallow geothermal systems for heating and cooling: geoscience and engineering approaches, coordinated by Giorgia Dalla Santa (University of Padua, Italy), Fleur Loveridge (University of Leeds, UK), Jean De Sauvage (IFSTTAR Université Gustave Eiffel, France), Francesco Cecinato (University of Milan, Italy) and Witold Bogusz (Polish Building Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland).

The session welcomes contributions about shallow geothermal energy applications, including traditional closed- and open-loop borehole heat exchangers as well as so-called energy geostructures (e.g. thermo-active foundations, walls, tunnels).

Different types of analysis and approaches are relevant to this session, spanning from the evaluation of ground thermal properties to the mapping of shallow geothermal potential, from energy storage and district heating to sustainability issues and consequences of the geothermal energy use, from the design of new heat exchangers and installation techniques to the energy and thermo-(hydro-) mechanical performance of energy geostructures, from the local behaviour of a heat exchanger to the city scale implementation of energy geostructures. Contributions based on experimental, analytical and numerical modelling are welcome as well as interventions about legislative aspect.

Interested participants are welcome to submit a summary by 13 January 2021, which will be followed by an online presentation to be given during the virtual session.

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