Two PhD positions on Soil Micromechanics at University of Twente (Netherlands)

Applications are welcomed for two PhD positions. Focus of the first position is on the micromechanics of soils subjected to extreme drying/wetting cycles, and their effect on noise/vibrations propagation. The second position is dedicated to the multi-scale modeling and monitoring of soil-water-vegetation interaction subjected to severe drought and heat.

Deadline is 20 January 2021. For more information and applications follow the links below:

Noise and vibration in wet soil: micromechanical modelling for smart mitigation strategies:!/2020-173/phd-position-on-noise-and-vibration-in-wet-soil

Towards climate resilience for geomaterials: a multi-disciplinary investigation:!/2020-174/phd-position-on-towards-climate-resilience-for-geomaterials-a-multi-disciplinary-investigation

One thought on “Two PhD positions on Soil Micromechanics at University of Twente (Netherlands)

  1. Hello, I am Iman Tavassoli, born in 1994 in Iran. I recently received my master’s degree in geotechnical engineering from Sharif University of Technology. The subject of my master’s thesis has been the study of the behavior of collapsible soils in wetting and drying cycles using an unsaturated odometer, and I have recently prepared two papers for publication. My Supervisor was S. Mohsen Haeri. The phd position at the University of Twente in the Netherlands has caught my attention in this regard. And I’m interested in working with you

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