PhD Position at TU Delft

Coupled Multiprocess Research for Reducing Landfill Emissions

The aim of the project CURE (Coupled Multiprocess Research for Reducing Landfill Emissions) is to develop a tool for predicting settlement and emissions from landfills during and after full scale in situ treatment that includes aeration and/or leachate recirculation. This knowledge is vital to reduce the long-term cost of landfill operations and to assess the viability of sustainable landfilling practices.

This particular PhD project searches for a fundamental stochastic framework that explains the dynamics in the observed leachate quantity, quality and waste stabilization. Based on evidence by laboratory experiments, in situ field and modelled data, this framework has to take into account a variety of landfill characteristics and processes, such as gas, water and solute dynamics, biogeochemical reactivity, as well as mobile and immobile porosity. Calibration of this framework will require the use of Travel Time Distributions (TTD), Storage Age Selection functions (SAS) and Bayesian Inference (BI). The research requires a significant amount of data handling in the form of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes and querying (SQL) due to the great variety in data sources, time and dimensional scales.

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