PhD scholarship on “Stability of galleries intersections drilled at great depth in rock” at ENTPE (France)

In the context of underground engineering (e.g.: transport, deep disposal, etc.), the design of the support is crucial in order to ensure the stability and sustainability of the structures. If their structural integrity is not maintained, operational difficulties or loss of stability of the underground structure may occur.

The objective of the project is to study the stability of gallery intersections, drilled at great depth in rock, through a numerical approach. Numerical modelling will be carried out by finite element method. The stability will be analysed regarding the behaviour of the support structure and the surrounding rock.

Candidate profile:
Candidates can apply for a 3-year PhD scholarship at University of Lyon (ENTPE engineering school, LTDS laboratory), co-supervised by an industrial partner. Candidates must come from the European Union and have a Master / Engineer degree in the fields of civil engineering, underground works, mechanics of materials or of structures.

Applications should be submitted by the 10th of March 2021.

See attached file for details.

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