Energy Geotechnics Webinar Series

On behalf of the organisers, Budi Zhao (UCD) and Zhongxuan Yang (ZJU), we are delighted to invite you to Energy Geotechnics Webinar Series (weekly or biweekly from Sep to Dec, 2021). 

The webinar aims to promote Energy Geotechnics research and will cover the following topics:

  • Offshore foundation
  • Carbon geological storage
  • Shallow/deep geothermal
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Methane hydrate

Our three speakers in October are (more details on posters):
Prof. Carlos Santamarina on Energy: A Geo-Centered Perspective (10 am, CEST, 4th Oct, Monday): Tencent Meeting Link –
Prof. Holger Ott on Carbon Geological Storage (10 am, CEST, 8th Oct, Friday): Tencent Meeting Link –
Prof. Kenichi Soga on Shallow Geothermal Energy at Multi-Scale (6 am, CEST, 19th Oct, Tuesday): Microsoft Teams Link –,%22Oid%22:%2268b939f1-d53e-460f-90a3-c00501759557%22%7D

Posters in PDF

Prof. Carlos SantamarinaProf. Holger OttProf. Kenichi Soga

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