TUDelft Postdoc position on Subsidence & Society: Identifying Measures for Dealing with Land Subsidence

TU Delft is seeking a motivated postdoc candidate to work on a collaborative research programme related to land subsidence. The overall aim of this programme is to develop an integrative approach to achieve feasible, legitimate and sustainable solutions for managing the negative societal effects of land subsidence. The programme connects fundamental research on subsidence processes to socio-economic impacts of subsidence and to governance and legal framework design. The postdoc will identify potential measures in areas prone to subsidence focuses on the technical implementation of these measures and determines their impact on the environment and society. The post doc researches the interaction of different measures in the urban area and/or on the impact of measures beneficial for the rural area.

If you are interested please see details in the TUD vacancy page: 


Deadline will be extended to Dec 1, 2021.

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