PhD Position in Geomechanics: Mechanical behaviour of clay/concrete interface

Research project

Expansive clay materials and concrete have been considered as potential candidates for closure structures in high-level radioactive waste repositories.  The mechanical behaviour of clay/concrete interface has been identified as a key parameter in the development of swelling pressure and the hydro-mechanical equilibrium state obtained after the saturation of the clay materials. Optimisation of the closure structures requires thus a better understanding at various scales of clay/concrete interface behaviour.

This project aims at investigating the mechanical behaviour of clay/concrete interface in the context of geological radioactive waste repositories. Advanced laboratory experiments (mechanical tests combined with X-ray microtomography and digital image correlation techniques) will be first used to observe shearing behaviour of clay/concrete interface at various scales. The experimental results will then be used to develop and validate numerical models to predict the behaviour of the closure structures by considering the mechanical behaviour of clay/concrete interface.

Candidates profile

Candidates should have strong background in geomechanics and be interested in both experimental and numerical approaches.

For administrative reasons, candidates must be EU citizens under 26 years of age on October 1st, 2022.

Contact and application

The application (including CV and motivation letter) should be sent to Dr. Anh Minh TANG ( before March 1st, 2022.

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