PhD Position at Université de Lorraine

The LEMTA’s soil mechanics research team seeks a PhD on the following subject: “Applications of Artificial Intelligence for deciphering strength development of binder-soil mixtures in the context of soil stabilization”

The research team developed over the past two decades a thorough knowledge concerning the stabilized soils’ behavior with outstanding laboratory equipment ( [7-11]. A considerable database has been constructed including experimental data from different geotechnical tests (UCS, triaxial and shear box, oedometer, permeability…). An extensive testing program is currently running to investigate the impact of multiple wetting-drying cycles on the mechanical performance to explore the treatment durability issue.

The PhD objectives can be summarized by: (i) optimizing the database structure to make it appropriate for generating the training, testing and validation datasets for AI/ML models; (ii) perform statistical data analysis to give insight of the correlations and tendencies for selecting the best candidate predictors from the datasets; (iii) using AI techniques (including ANN and Deep Learning) to develop predictive models for post-curing properties including long-term behavior and (iv) develop and validate data-driven design tools for engineering practice.

Contact information:
Supervisor: Prof. Olivier CUISINIER,
Co-supervisor: Dr. Adel ABDALLAH,

More information on this pdf file.

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