Postdoctoral Opportunities in Geotechnical Research Group at PolyU-HK

1. Research areas (one of the following) :
(1) Multiscale/multiphysics modelling for geotechnical engineering (fluid-structure-soil interaction);
(2) Advanced laboratory testing on granular materials and/or modelling;
(3) Chemical-mechanical improvement on soft soils (experiment and/or modelling);
(4) Smart monitoring of geotechnical engineering, data analysis and AI application.

2. Qualifications and requirements of candidates:  
(1) Candidates must have been conferred/obtained his/her PhD degree or an equivalent qualification in geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, and computational mechanics, etc., or are expected  to obtain the PhD degree soon from the application date;  (2) Priority will be given to candidates with superior research performance and relevant research experience. 

3. Remuneration
A highly competitive remuneration package will be offered.

4. Application procedures: 
Candidates should provide their CVs to:
Dr. Yin-fu Jin,
Dr. Wen-bo Chen,
Dr. Dao-yuan Tan,                   

Deadline:  15th June 2022.

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