PhD position at Politecnico di Bari (Italy)

A PhD position on geotechnical engineering is now open at Politecnico di Bari, as part of the PhD Programme in Risk, Environmental, Territorial and Building Development at the DICATECh Department. The position is funded for 3 years: it will be mainly based at the Geotechnical Division of the Politecnico di Bari (Italy) except for an internship of 6 months at the Italian Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems CNR-IRET in Pisa (Italy) and 9 months at the Institute for Geotechnical Engineering at ETH-Zurich (Switzerland).

Applications are welcome to apply for the project “SMARTSEAS – Sustainable Materials by Recycling and Treating Sediments, Shells And Seagrass”, funded in the field of the NEXT GENERATION EU programmes.

The PhD project SMARTSEAS intends to foster a change of perspective in the management of high-impact blue waste, such as dredged marine sediments, mussel shells and beached Posidonia oceanica. The project aims to transform them into new materials and industrial by-products. The research will benefit from the collaboration between research groups in Italy and abroad and companies in the industrial sector. The possibility of recycling mussel shells, suitably treated, as a partial replacement of commercial cements has been recently investigated for stabilising dredged marine sediments with less environmental impact but similar same chemo-hydro-mechanical effectiveness. Based on these results, SMARTSEAS will contribute to the optimisation of the design of innovative solutions for the chemo-hydro-mechanical stabilisation of sediments and the reuse of other blue waste materials, by multiscale testing and modelling.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from highly motivated and curious candidates with master’s degree (or equivalent) in civil or environmental engineering and specialisation in geotechnics or related area.

Candidates can find more details on the PhD position and the submission procedures at the following link:, in the section Risk and Environmental, Territorial and Building Development PH.D.

Call for application PhD Programmes (XXXVIII cycle):

Annex: (see grant number three)

Topic: “SMARTSEAS – Sustainable Materials by Recycling and Treating Sediments, Shells And Seagrass”

Application deadline: 5 September 2022 (at 09:00 Italian time)

Contact details for further information:

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