PhD Position on Geotechnical Engineering at Flinders University, Australia

A PhD position on geotechnical engineering topics is now open at Flinders University, Australia.

Applications are welcome to apply for the following Flinders/Industry co-funded PhD Enterprise Scholarship with an internship: “Investigative Drilling (ID) method theoretical investigation and practical application”.

This project aims to develop a fast, economical, and reliable solution to reduce risks associated with unforeseen and/or variable ground conditions, ensuring the highest level of risk mitigation and verification prior to construction activities. It is proposed to explore the correlations between the data obtained from the ID technique and the conventional site investigation methods. Analysis and interpretation of the measured data will be carried out to develop and validate the soil behaviour classification. Correlations among ID measured data and standard in-situ and laboratory test results from existing projects will be established in terms of strength and stiffness properties. A hybrid approach for ground investigation by combining the benefits of both physics-based and data-driven modelling will be explored as well.

The PhD Enterprise Scholarship also includes an internship of at least 60 full-time equivalent days, agreed to in written form within 18 months of candidature, undertaken and completed prior to completion of the PhD, during which you will be embedded with the industry partner team, developing your network, and gaining insight into the everyday research practices of an industry-leading/service driven organisation.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from highly-motivated and curious candidates with Master’s degree (or equivalent) in civil engineering or geology engineering with specialisation in geotechnics or related area. The position is funded for 3.5 years.

Deadline for application: 5 August 2022

Candidates can find more details on the project via the following link:

Contact details for further information:

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