PhD Position on “Discrete Element Method to support microstructure design of refractories”

3 years Phd – beginning in October 2022
18 months in the IMERYS company (, Lyon, France
18 months in the IRCER laboratory (, Limoges, France

This PhD is part of the CESAREF European Industrial Doctoral Network

To conduct developments of numerical tools based on the discrete element method (DEM) for investigation of the relationships between microstructure and thermomechanical properties of model materials. These developments include debounding, thermomechanical coupling, crack-closure and anisotropic behaviours. These developments will lead to a “virtual numerical lab” able to provide tensile, dilatometry, fracture mechanics or thermal shock virtual tests for virtual characterizations. The related developments will be integrated to the free DEM software GranOO.

Damien André,, Limoges University

More information on this pdf file.

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