2nd International DECOVALEX Symposium on Coupled Processes in Radioactive Waste Disposal and Subsurface Engineering Applications

Troyes, France. 14-16 November 2023

Like the first DECOVALEX Symposium in 2019 (http://decovalex-coupled-processessymposium.org/), the event will bring together up to 200 participants discussing aspects of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in geological systems. The focus is on new and exciting advances in areas of coupled processes associated with a broad range of subsurface engineering, starting with radioactive waste disposal and extending to geothermal exploration, geological carbon sequestration, subsurface energy storage, etc. The symposium will also provide insights from the current phase of the international DECOVALEX project (https://decovalex.org/), an international collaboration for advancing the understanding of coupled THMC processes in geological systems.

More information on this pdf file.

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