Abstract submission for a Mini-symposium at the Symposium on Energy Geotechnics (3-5 October 2023, Delft)

A Mini-symposium on “Multiphysics and multiscale interactions in the context of energy storage and CO2 sequestration” is organized at the SEG 23 (Delft, 3-5 October 2023): https://seg23.dryfta.com/16721501461/72-symposium-topics

Interested researchers are invited to submit an abstract (the deadline is January, 31) through the conference website: https://seg23.dryfta.com/accommodations/root/abstract-submission/76-call-for-abstracts

Short description:  Geomechanics plays an important role in many applications required to engineer the energy transition. Massive storage of energy and CO2 is planned to be done in geological structures, that will be exposed to unexperienced types of loads. Among those: cyclic pore pressure histories due to seasonal storage/production of energy, thermal loads due to the injection of fluids with different temperatures, bio-chemo-hydro-mechanical processes due to the interaction of dissolved and solid chemical species with low pH fluids, and wetting/drying processes. This mini-symposium aims at bringing together researchers working to foster a deeper understanding of such coupled multiphysics phenomena, which often require a multiscale approach (from particle to the REV, and from the REV to the well or the reservoir scale).


Gabriele Della Vecchia (gabriele.dellavecchia@polimi.it)

Guido Musso (guido.musso@polito.it)

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