PhD opportunity on expansive soils at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia 

Prof. Olivier Buzzi and Dr. Jubert Pineda (from the Priority Research Centre for Geotechnical Science and Engineering of the University of Newcastle, Australia), Prof. Mark Jaksa (University of Adelaide, Australia) and A/Prof Marti Lloret Cabot (Durham University, UK), are seeking for a highly motivated student to undertake a PhD research on the volumetric response of unsaturated expansive soils. Such soils cause billions of structural damage every year worldwide, including in Europe and Australia, and remain a challenge for researchers and geotechnical practitioners. The response of the expansive soils will be investigated via a series of deformation tests under suction-controlled conditions with measurement of microstructure evolution. The data will be used to establish a simple yet robust constitutive framework that can predict the response of expansive soils upon loading and hydraulic actions.

The laboratory in which the research will take place is state-of-the-art and includes several advanced laboratory techniques to impose and measure suction. The scholarship is worth $32,000 per annum, tax free, for a duration of 3.5 years. In addition, the student will receive $1,500 of relocation support and $1500 per annum for their research project. Newcastle is located 160 km north of Sydney and it is a great location with vibrant life and great beaches.

The start date for the PhD can be discussed but it needs to start in 2023.  

Please contact Olivier Buzzi for information or to express your interest: 

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