Automated recognition of alpine mass movements integrating remote sensing, geomorphology and artificial intelligence

We are offering a fully-funded, 18-month research fellowship at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milano–Bicocca (

We seek a talented and motivated candidate to work in the framework of the project MIRAGE (Mass movement Investigation and prediction through geomorphology, Remote sensing and Artificial intelligence), funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

The project will develop libraries of deformation signals, obtained through radar interferometry, to tune deep-learning models aimed at automatically map mass movements over wide areas of the Alps, and support their characterization in geohazard perspective.

The ideal candidate has a geomorphological, engineering geological or geophysical background, and is motivated to work within a multidisciplinary team. Experiences in InSAR processing and mass movement mapping are particularly appreciated.

The research fellow will:  generate radar interferograms from satellite images using DInSAR technique;  interpret deformation signals characteristic of mass movements of different type and activity through geomorphological techniques, supported by diverse remote sensing and field data;  support the construction of Deep Learning models;  disseminate results by participating in international conferences and publishing papers in high-impact journals.

The research will be carried out in close cooperation with partner researchers of CNR-IMATI at Genova (Italy) and University of Bologna, and other international collaborators.

The fellowship will start in February 2024, the official call for application will be issued in December 2023.

Please contact  for any questions related to scientific and salary aspects.

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