Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Dundee

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Dundee are seeking an exceptional candidate to contribute to our research led teaching in structural engineering and design: Lecturer in Structural Engineering (T&R) at University of Dundee (jobs.ac.uk)

Further particulars for the position are attached. 

The focus of research should be in Structural Engineering which could include operating at the interfaces between one or all of materials and concrete technology, geotechnics or earthquake engineering to compliment strong existing research in these areas. This will align and contribute to the strategy and focus of the Future Infrastructure and Environment Research Cluster. The current focus of the cluster includes the thematic areas of Energy, Global Uncertainties, Living with Environmental Change, and working towards “Net Zero” within a sustainability framework.

To apply for either position, please do so using the above links on jobs.ac.uk.   

The application deadline is 22nd November 2023. 

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