1 Postdoc/senior engineer and 3 PhD positions at TU Braunschweig, Germany

The Institute of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (Institut für Geomechanik und Geotechnik, IGG) at TU Braunschweig (Technische Universität Braunschweig) is looking for 3 PhD candidates and 1 postdoctoral researcher/senior engineer to support the team of the freshly appointed professor, Marius Milatz, starting from April 1, 2024. Based on the IGG’s experience in the fields of geotechnical measurements, onshore and offshore geotechnics, underground space construction, and deep geological nuclear waste repositories, the institute will be reordered with a research focus on experimental and numerical geomechanics in the fields of fundamental soil behaviour from micro to macro, of soil-water-structure interactions and tool-soil interactions in mechanised tunnelling. We focus on all kinds of geomaterials, including fine grained and granular soils, rock as well as other technical building materials, in the dry, unsaturated, and saturated state. A vision is to give traditional soil and geomechanics a taste of materials science by looking into various physical phenomena, processes and interactions and by applying interdisciplinary research methods. Key methods to be used in our research will be in situ CT-experiments (3D and “4D” computed tomography imaging) along with a quantitative image-based analysis of soil behaviour and the design and testing of new geomechanical lab experiments. Furthermore, we focus on the development and application of numerical modelling techniques bridging length scales from the grain and pore scale to the macro scale using different continuum methods, particle based and CFD based methods.

The application deadline of this call is March 10, 2024. Further information on the advertised positions as well as contact data for questions and application are given in the following links to the individual positions:
Postdoc/senior engineer position
PhD position 1
PhD position 2
PhD position 3

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