ALERT Workshop & School 2024

Dear ALERT members,
Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce to you the themes and dates of the ALERT Workshop and School 2024.

Dates of the ALERT Workshop 2024: 30th September to 2nd October 2024

  • Session 1: “Emerging properties in geomaterials across the scales
    Organizers: Antoine Wautier, Farhang Radjai and Francesco Froiio.
  • Session 2 (half-day): “Geomechanics in the submicron-scale
    Organizers: Katerina Ioannidou and Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot.
  • Session 3: “Continuum-based particle methods
    Organizers: Claudio Tamagnini, Matteo Ciantia, Lorenzo Sanavia and Antonia Larese.

Dates of the ALERT School 2024: 3rd October to 5th October 2024

  • Numerical methods in geomechanics
    Organizers: Claudio Tamagnini, Lorenzo Sanavia and Manolo Pastor.

Hoping to see you in Aussois !

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