Post doc Research – Computional mechanics and experiment-driven modeling of high strain rate, large deformation tunneling via robotic earthworm – ground interaction

This research position involves computational mechanics of robotic earthworm – ground interaction, penetration mechanics/kinematics in soil, and large deformation tunneling in soil. Interest and/or experience in large deformation computational mechanics (e.g., geomechanics or poromechanics) is required and background in engineering mechanics, civil, mechanical or physics is welcome. The multi-year position begins summer 2024 (as early as May to as late as August).

Research activities will involve collaboration with industry robotics groups advancing soft robotic earthworm technology for rapid, small footprint utility construction. The research effort will involve the evaluation of experimental data from robotic earthworm, penetrometer and other large deformation studies across a variety of soils, the assessment of a variety of large deformation computational modeling approaches applied across the broad array of industries involving porous materials, and the application of the most promising computational mechanics approaches to best meet project objectives. Computational mechanics will be blended with machine learning techniques to enhance capabilities, particularly during field adoption.

The research takes place within the Center for Underground at Colorado School of Mines, located in picturesque Golden, Colorado and nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just 20 minutes west of Denver, Colorado.

Interested parties should inquire with Professor Mike Mooney at

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