EMI 2024 IC Vienna – MS 11: Mechanics of Multiphase-Multiscale Granular and Particulate Systems

Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing a Mini-symposium (MS11 – Titled «  Mechanics of Multiphase-Multiscale Granular and Particulate Systems ») at the upcoming ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute – 2024 International Conference that will take place in Vienna on the premises of the TU Wien on September 11-13, 2024. 

All details of the EMI 2024 IC can be found on the following website: https://www.emi2024ic.com

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit your work and participate to this important event, you can find in the attached flyer all the details of our Mini-symposium (MS11).

Abstracts can be submitted on the website of the conference before March 30, 2024


Registration can be made here: https://www.emi2024ic.com/registration/

We would be grateful if you could distribute this announcement to anyone who might be interested.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!

Best regards, Pierre-Yves, François and Mahdia

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