Multiphysical processes in granular media at the 2024 SES Annual Meeting

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we will offer a session on Multiphysical processes in granular media at the 2024 Society of Engineering Science Annual Meeting, which will take place in Hangzhou (China), 20-23 Aug 2024.

We look forward to your contributions!

The description of this minisymposium is shown in the attachment, and the full session details can be found here: 2024 SES Annual Technical Meeting. Please consider submitting an abstract to our session. The deadline for abstract submission is Apr. 1st, 2024. We are looking forward to meeting you here in Hangzhou.

All the Best!
Teng Man and all the co-organizers  

Minisymposium details:
Granular materials, such as those arising in industry and geophysics, displays a variety of unique phenomena, such as evolving volume compaction/dilation, jamming transition, fluid solid interactions, localized shear-banding, grain breakages, flow and contaminant transport in pore spaces, shear thickening/thinning, and granular segregation. The varied behavior of granular materials at the macroscopic, continuum scale stems from the rich physics at the microstructural scale; however, understanding the underlying microscale mechanics and physics and the connections between the particle and continuum scales remain unresolved issues of current research. Recent decades witness significant progress having been made in promoting various advanced experimental techniques, generalizing the rheological behaviors of granular flows, understanding the jamming transition physics of granular systems, and proposing multiple numerical techniques to quantitatively represent the thermal, mechanical, and chemical behaviors of granular materials.

This mini-symposium aims to highlight current state-of-the-art research in the mechanics and physics of granular systems across different scales ranging from the particle level to the continuum level and with different physical phases. We encourage submissions of abstracts with experimental, theoretical, and computational focuses. Topics of interest include advanced experimental techniques (such as particle tracking velocimetry and photoelasticimetry), visco-elasto-plasticity of granular solids, rheology and segregation of granular mixtures, contaminant transport within granular-fluid systems, as well as modeling work related to discrete-particle modeling, statistical mechanics of granular media, homogenization approaches toward continuum modeling, classical and higher-order continuum theories, finite-element modeling, multi-scale approaches, parallel computing architecture, and machine learning methods.

More information on this pdf.

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