“EP024 Geophysical Granular Flow and Sediment Transport” AGU24 Call for Abstracts

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session we organize at AGU24 (Dec 9-13, Washington, D.C.).
Submission link: https://agu.confex.com/agu/agu24/prelim.cgi/Session/228441
Due date: Jul 31, 2024

EP024 – Geophysical Granular Flows and Sediment Transport: Bridging Grain-Scale Mechanics and Continuum Modeling  
Earth and planetary surfaces are covered by granular material that may flow under the action of gravity, interaction with fluids such as air or water, or other geophysical processes. Geophysical granular flows and sediment transport phenomena are at the heart of landscape dynamics (hillslope creep, riverbed evolution, coastal erosion), pattern formation (grain sorting and segregation, dunes, ripples), and geohazards (landslide, debris flow, snow avalanche). A fundamental challenge lies in the multiscale nature of granular materials rendering a continuum description difficult to achieve. Recent advances in high-resolution imaging and particle-resolved numerical simulations allowed for insights into particle-scale mechanisms. However, research carried out at the particle-scale has yet to be harmonized into a consistent theoretical body able to match field and laboratory observations. We invite contributions addressing this theme’s open questions, featuring field, experimental and numerical research, at particle and/or at macroscopic scales or integrating ranges of scales and processes.

Conveners: Lu Jing, Rui M.L. Ferreira, Thomas Pähtz, Marwan Hassan, Solange Mendes

Best wishes,
Lu, on behalf of all conveners

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