PhD position at SCK CEN

Title: “Evolution of transport, microstructural and hygro-mechanical properties of cementitious materials subjected to coupled chemical degradation via a multiscale approach”

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PhD positions in snow avalanche dynamics – SLF, Davos – ETH Zürich – EPF Lausanne

Project information

Your research is part of the SNSF funded project “The pulsing nature of powder snow avalanches”, and aims to unravel the origin of wave phenomena observed at the interface between the transitional and the dense basal layers of powder snow avalanches, to understand the factors controlling their development and, ultimately, to improve the assessment of avalanche pressure on obstacles to take into account the impulsive load these waves exert. This research has the potential to improve avalanche risk management in high mountain regions, as well as to be similarly relevant for granular flow and particle-laden gravity currents, such as pyroclastic flows, or turbidity currents.

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PhD Position at Mines Paris

Optimization of shallow geothermal energy: from underground to building

More information on this pdf file, and an overall view of the PhD positions is available on and

Supervisors: Emad Jahangir, TRAN Cong-Toan, Ahmed Rouabhi

Post-doc position at Charles University in the field of THM analysis of unsaturated and heated soil cyclic loading

International Postdoctoral Fellowship – Earth and Environmental Sciences

Topic: In many geotechnical problems either saturated or unsaturated soils are subjected to a cyclic coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) loading. A prominent example are energy piles, increasingly in demand in the context of renewable energy development. Despite its practical relevance, the complex behaviour of medium plasticity clays under coupled THM loading has not been sufficiently investigated and is thus not fully understood yet. The available constitutive models are mainly restricted to monotonic THM processes. Therefore, a thorough experimental investigation of a medium-plastic clay under coupled THM loading is planned and constitutive models will be developed based on the performed experiments. Enhanced models will be adopted in numerical simulations of energy piles.

The Faculty of Science, Charles University (Prague, Czechia) invites applications for a Post-doctoral position in the Geology Section for the project “International mobility of research, technical and administrative staff at the Charles University” reg. n. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0016976.

Position duration, starting date and remuneration:
The position duration is 6 months, starting on November 1, 2022 and ending on April 30, 2023. The gross monthly salary is 62 237 CZK (approx. 2 527 EUR) including health insurance and social insurance coverage. The job status is full-time – 40 hours per week.

The advertisement can be seen on this pdf file.

Post-doc position on multiphase porous media at Westlake University

Job Description

Position: Postdoctoral fellow (1) in Key Laboratory of Coastal Environment and Resources of Zhejiang Province (KLaCER)

This position is for an exciting joint project dealing with the complex physics of porous media involving different phases: ice, water, gas and solid grains. The position involves support from the KLaCER as well as 3 distinct research groups in terms of state-of-the-art experimental equipment, simulation software developed in house and ample experience in the modelling and interpretation of data. Some open questions to be explored during this project are: i) How to properly characterize multiphase flow in porous media, including how to properly define quantities such as permeability, in complex cases; ii) A thorough study on the phase transition thermodynamics of ice/liquid water/vapor inside porous media, including an exploration on how the critical temperature is affected by the pore structure; and iii) Deformation/rheology of porous media hosting more than one fluid (e.g., gassy soil or unsaturated soil), including how the porous media interacts with different pore fluids. Giving the broad reach of this project, individual postdocs can choose their own sub project according to their research preferences and capabilities. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this project, applicants from a broad selection of disciplines are invited to apply with a preference given to the following backgrounds: civil or environmental engineering, mechanics and physics. This is an ambitious project offering significant training opportunities for newly graduated PhDs with significant professional grow potential.

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CouFrac 2022 – Call for abstract

The CouFrac 2022 (Coupled Processes in Fractured Geological Media) Conference will take place in Berkeley, California, 14-16 November 2022. The deadline for CouFrac 2022 abstract submission is June 1.
Why CouFrac 2022?
We have organized a very interesting program with distinguished Keynote Speakers, a Panel Discussion on Carbon Neutrality, and Emerging Scientist Plenaries
 Please find the conference flyer attached.

The Organizing Committee members have developed 26 sessions covering a wide range of topics associated with coupled processes in fractured geological media.

Selected presentations will be invited to submit papers to one of the CouFrac 2022 Special Issues (RMRE, WRR, JRMGE, TUST, and GGGG).

As CouFrac 2022 is an international conference sponsored by both ARMA and ISRM, we offer a 20% discount of the Registration fee for the ARMA/ISRM members

What is New and Special?
Mengsu Hu and Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte have organized a Special Session on Machine Learning for Coupled Processes in the Earth Sciences and EngineeringSix Distinguished Invited Lecturers have been invited to deliver state-of-the-art machine learning applications. The details of the Special Session can be found in the second flyer attached.

The conference will be held in person in Berkeley, with online options available for participants who are unable to travel.

We look forward to your participation!

Two research assistant positions at TU Clausthal

Two positions are open from the 01. October 2022 at the Chair for Geomechanics and multiphysics Systems (GemS) of the Technical University Clausthal as research assistant (m/f/d) (each position is 100 %, E13 TV-L) initially limited to three years full-time. As part of your work, you have the opportunity to pursue a PhD or Habilitation at TU Clausthal.

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PhD Position at the University of Strathclyde

A 4-year PhD studentship is available at the University of Strathclyde. This includes payment of home tuition fees for UK applicants and EU applicants with pre-settled or settled status and an enhanced stipend of £19,602 for academic year 2022/23, rising each year in line with UKRI rates. 

This project is investigating the use of colloidal silica grout (which forms a hydrogel) in the long-term sealing of boreholes in the ground, to prevent subsequent upward fluid migration from rocks at depth to the surface. More details in the advert attached.