Presentations of the ALERT Doctoral School 2012

ALERT Doctoral School 2012
4th-6th October 2012, Aussois, France
“Advanced experimental techniques in geomechanics”
Coordination: C. Viggiani, S. Hall and E. Romero

Day 1, Thursday, October 4

Day 2, Friday, October 5

Day 3, Saturday, October 6

  • Experimental Geotechnology (C. Santamarina)
  • Experimental multiphase geomechanics 1: Coupled processes (THM, chemo, bio and electrical) (E. Romero)
  • Experimental multiphase geomechanics 2: Physical model tests to replicate large-scale conditions. Instrumentation for coupled processes (E. Romero)
  • Experimental multiphase geomechanics 3: Multiphase
    phenomena (non wetting / wetting interfaces). Techniques for multi-scale observations. From micro to phenomenological scale (E. Romero)

Link to pictures of the Photo Competition


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