Two interconnected PhD positions at Heriot-Watt University and Newcastle University

Applications are welcome for two PhD positions within IAPETUS2 Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), funded and accredited by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The projects focus on experimental and numerical investigations within the Energy Geostructures field and are co-led by supervisors from both Heriot-Watt University (HW) and Newcastle University (NU).

Detailed information on both of the projects can be found below:

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Scientific Assistant – PhD Position assigned to the Doctoral Program “Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions”

Requirements for the longevity of landslide dams in the Alpine region from a geotechnical and hydraulic perspective – Case-study-based data survey, modelling and hazard assessment

Within the mentioned doctoral program (DP) of the research area “Mountain Regions” at the University of Innsbruck (UIBK) a PhD-position is vacant. It is addressed to analyses of the stability of naturally formed dams and the related natural hazard processes.

See description of the position in pdf (link).

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Two (2) Post-doctoral researcher opportunities at the University of Nottingham, UK

The Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics (NCG) is currently undertaking two large multi-disciplinary projects related to investigating the behaviour of made-ground consisting of coal-mining spoil with a focus on the geotechnical, sustainability, environmental, socio-economic and long-term management challenges. NCG brings together expertise from the worlds of civil, geotechnical, and mining engineering as well as mathematics and material sciences to solve all forms of soil and rock-related design and construction problems. The projects are funded by the European Commission Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) and include project partners from across Europe. We seek highly motivated researchers to join our team to work on this challenging project.

We are looking to recruit two post-doctoral researchers who will support the work of these RFCS projects as well as support the wider work of the research group. Although we’ll consider any candidate with a strong fundamental geotechnical background, we are particularly interested in candidates who have experience with element testing, numerical modelling (FEA/FDM) or centrifuge modelling.

Candidates should be inquisitive, with a strong interest in applied research, and the personality and drive to interact effectively with industry and project partners. They will have a first degree in Civil Engineering or cognate subject and will have been awarded a PhD (or have submitted their thesis for examination), ideally in an area of Geotechnical Engineering. The successful candidate will have good presentation and report writing skills. A good publication record will be an advantage but its absence should not hinder applications from those who have recently submitted their theses.

For application details see 

Further information about the work of the Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics is available on

Mining engineering Professor at Polytechnique Montréal

The Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal invites applications for a tenure-track position in Mining Engineering within the following research areas: Selective mining methods, Mine planning, Valorisation (re-use) and integrated mine waste management, Circular economy applied to mining, and Mine reclamation.

Link to .pdf description.

1 year post-doctoral position at GeoRessources (Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France) – Discrete Fault Mechanics

We are looking for a motivated candidate with experience in computational geomechanics/geosciences.

The project will focus on the numerical modelling of faults using a discrete mechanics viewpoint. Hydro-mechanically coupled discrete element models will be used to investigate how faults reactivate due to fluid circulation in the context of geological storage of C02.

Please find more details about the position in this document.

Keywords: Fault, Hydro-Mechanical Coupling, Discrete Element Method

CALL for Visiting Professor @ University of Salerno, 30 days or 90 days

Dear colleagues and friends of ALERT, I am pleased to announce that a call for visiting professor at the University of Salerno has been issued with deadline on 28 november. In the framework of this call Visiting Professors/Researchers will get a monthly grant of € 3.000,00 gross percipient.

Contact person for any help to participate to the call: Sabatino Cuomo, email:

Possible topics:- landslide modeling – unsaturated soil testing- geosynthetics for slope reinforcement- rapid landslides-structures interaction

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1-year post-doctoral position at ISTerre (Univ. Grenoble Alpes) on numerical modelling of aseismic deformation of fault-related fold system

We are looking for a motivated candidate with experience in numerical modelling. The project is about numerical modelling of aseismic deformation in a fold-and-thrust system at the time-scale of the seismic cycle.

The detailed description of this position can be found in the following file: 

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PHD position at CEA and University of Bordeaux

Closing date : End of December 2019

key words : Discrete Element Method, Ceramic Material, Dynamic Shock

This thesis aims to make a significant advance in the modeling of fracture behaviors occurring in ceramics against high and short loadings. Laser shock will be specifically studied and will be the main application in this work. The dynamic behavior of such ceramics are currently modeled with homogenized techniques and are limited when fracture occurs. In this thesis, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) will be investigated to simulate a laser shock. Complex fracture behavior such as initiation, rapid propagation and coalescence must be obtained and validated with experimental datas at the CEA. The DEM is also developed for more than ten years at the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering of Bordeaux especially in the simulation of brittle materials.

A full detail of the thesis and contacts can be accessed in the link