CALL for Powders & Grains 2025

To all PG2021 participants, subscribers to the AEMMG-Mail-List, AEMMG members, and friends, everyone if the field of Powders & Grains.

The scientific committee AEMMG of the Powders and Grains conference series asks for proposals, who would be willing to organize the next Powders&Grains in 4 years, in 2025. (No special format required, just make sure you address and commit yourself to the points below – which should be possible within 2-3 pages).

You can send your proposal by e-mail to:

Deadline for proposals is July 30th 2021, and the decision should be announced on August 06th 2021, during the closing ceremony of PG2021.

Powders and Grains traditionally circulates from Australasia (Japan, 2001) to Europe (Stuttgart, 2005), to the Americas (Golden, Colorado, 2009), to Australasia (2013), back to Europe (now 2017), to the Americas (2021/VIRTUAL), and then to Australasia again (2025).

The present (virtual) PG2021 conference has about 200 papers (4 pages, double refereed) in the proceedings and we hope to see many more participants, like on previous PG conferences.
For all of the participants, hotel or other accommodation rooms need to be available and a large number of posters (about 200-300) need to be placed (ideally ALL posters throughout the conference).

The proposal should involve a short description of:

  1. the organizing groups/persons/institutions;
  2. the prospective conference site (one large conference room for all participants), facilities, possible hotel capacities in the vicinities;
  3. the organizers view on the PG-conference series and proposals for improvement;
  4. a carefully-planned time schedule;
  5. a brief financial plan with the information about which funding agencies, institutions, industry, etc. can be and will be contacted to provide support for the various costs;
  6. name the to-be-hired professional agency specialized in conference organization and detail the experience you have with them – and the costs involved OR explain how you will work without such help and what technical assistance will be available anyway (university organisation?);
  7. The Commitment to the tradition of P&G summarized as:
    • cheap participation fee, especially for students;
    • proceedings ready at time of the conference (online, open source);
    • single-track, no parallel sessions, but many posters;
    • AEMMG is the scientific committee of the conference, being involved in:
      • selection of invited speakers,
      • refereeing of the papers,
      • selection of the oral presentations
      • set-up of the program.
    • in case the conference runs positive, the remaining funds should be used to support participants (on request);
    • if there is positive balance still, it will be shared 50/50 by AEMMG (to be used for future conference support) and the local organizers.

Best regards,
Stefan Luding for PG.

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