PhD Opportunity: “Development of novel grouting technology for subsurface engineering & the net-zero carbon revolution”

The University of Strathclyde is currently recruiting for a funded PhD project in subsurface engineering.

This lab-based project will focus on developing micron- and nano-scale technology to create novel grouts for enhancing the hydro-mechanical properties of the subsurface. During the project, different subsurface engineering applications will be scoped with the aim of targeting net-zero carbon related opportunities such as energy storage (compressed air, hydrogen), geothermal energy, and carbon sequestration. The candidate will be joining a research group with a track record in developing novel grouts, and in using advanced techniques such as X-ray micro CT and bespoke designed mechanical testing equipment to characterise and evaluate the grout effectiveness.

The deadline for the application is the 13 August 2021. For more details or information on how to apply, please see this file.

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