PhD Positions at Westlake University, Hangzhou, China

We are now seeking highly motivated PhD students to conduct advanced research topics associated with geoenergy, geoenvironment and geohazards in Westlake University (a brandnew high-level research institution in China).
Dr. Sergio’s M3 Lab has the expertise, and in-house codes, on several areas of computational, physical and theoretical modelling of complex processes commonly found in Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering.

Research Topic

The PhD program mainly focuses on interactions between solid, liquid and gas phases at microscopic scale during the processs of gas transport in saturated granular materials. Both experimental and numerical studies will be conducted to understand the complex multiphysical process. The Lab provides advanced experimental facility and in-house code (MECHSYS: to perform the research. The outcome of the research is expected to be beneficial to the gas hydrate development, carbon dioxide sequestration and solid waste disposal, etc.

How to apply

Please contact Professor Sergio Torres ( with your CV and transcripts.

Useful Links

Dr. Sergio’s M3 Lab
Westlake University

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