Dear ALERT community,

As you may know, the registration for the ALERT Workshop and School 2021 is open! The preliminary program of the Workshop and School is available here.

It was decided to propose you two alternatives for your registration to the workshop and doctoral school: either you can come and participate in Aussois, or you can attend those remotely.

UNFORTUNATELY, the number of participants that can come to Aussois is limited to 160, and has been reached. The only registration possible from now on is therefore remotely.


As a reminder, the restrictions for entering France will depend on your country of departure and your vaccination status (more information here and here).

Your stay (and access) at the CNRS “Centre Paul Langevin” where the event takes place is conditional on the presentation of a HEALTH PASS upon your arrival. This means that you must have at least one of the following documents:

  • A vaccination certificate (provided you have a complete vaccination schedule);
  • A negative test (RT-PCR or antigen of less than 48 hours). For unvaccinated travelers from Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal, a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours is required;
  • A certificate of recovery from Covid-19 (RT-PCR or positive antigen test dated at least 11 days and less than 6 months).

More information can be found here. For members of “green list countries” (see the website), a sworn statement attesting to the absence of symptoms of covid-19 infection and contact with a confirmed case of covid-19 is also required. You can find it here.

Furthermore, the center has implemented a strict health protocol, providing for the wearing of masks in all premises and common areas in order to guarantee the safety of all. The full health and safety protocol can be accessed here, please read it before your arrival.


Please read the hints in the registration form! After filling the form and pressing the button “Register”, a window will open with your invoice. Please print the window with the invoice for your records! You will also get an email with the registration data afterwards. If you are an ALERT members, the corresponding representative of your ALERT institution will receive the registration data too.

Click here to register for the ALERT Workshop and School 2021.

The deadline for the registration is the September 17th! 

Looking forward to (safely) meeting you in Aussois!

6 thoughts on “ON-SITE FULLY BOOKED & SANITARY UPDATE – ALERT Workshop & School 2021

  1. Dear organizers,

    I did my registration, but the payment might take some time because the university does the bank transfer, and it is a process that takes some days.

    How do I know if I am booked in at the CNRS “Centre Paul Langevin”?
    Up to date, I have not received a ‘registration data’.


    • Dear Oscar,

      I confirm your registration for the on-site meeting and the booking of your room in the center.

      Kind regards,

  2. Dear organizers,

    I did my registration of ALERT workshop and school 2021 before 17th September but have not received a ‘registration data’. Could you help me confirm it? Thank you very much.

    Best regards.

    • Dear Joshua,

      Unfortunately, it won’t be possible as all the listings have been closed and we are so close to the start of the workshop.

      Kind regards,

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