26 months EPSRC funded Postdoc Position @ Dundee

We are recruiting for an exceptional individual to join our Future Infrastructure and Environment Research Cluster as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the research project entitled “ICE-PICK: Installation effects on cyclic axial and lateral performance of displacement piles in chalk”. Funded by the EPSRC this 26 months project aims to use experimental and advanced numerical modelling to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of piles driven in soft rocks to support the further development of renewable energy structures offshore. 

Your priorities will include:

The post holder will be expected to conduct the theoretical and numerical aspects of ICE-PICK. These include:
a) Development of constitutive model for chalk:
1. Develop a large strain non-local constitutive model for chalk capturing (i) evolution from intact rock to chalk putty state, (ii) the cyclic behaviour and (ii) creep effects.
2. Implement the constitutive model within the KRATOS open-source particle finite element method (PFEM) numerical platform.
3. Calibrate the constitutive model to replicate hydro-mechanical behaviour of soft, medium, and hard chalk.
b) Numerical simulations of open-ended pile jacking, pile driving and cone penetration tests
1. Implement dynamic absorbing boundaries in KRATOS
2. Perform coupled hydromechanical PFEM simulations of: 1g and centrifuge pile cyclic jacking, field scale CPTu’s and pile driving.
c) Numerical simulations of post installation axial and lateral cyclic loading of piles in chalk
Investigate the axial and lateral monotonic and cyclic performance of open-ended piles in chalk
d) Analytical models to predict monopile driveability and cyclic performance of piles in chalk
1. Develop a CPTu based pile driving predicting method.
2. Develop a cyclic hydro-mechanical coupled macro-element-soil-reaction analytical model for pile design

Who we’re looking for:

Completion or near-completion of PhD in computational geomechanics
Experience in constitutive modelling and numerical modelling within a finite deformation environment
A developing publication record in high quality academic journals
Excellent analytical skills utilising appropriate software packages and/or programming.

The post offers exciting opportunities to work closely with other representatives from academia, offshore contractors, geotechnical engineering consultancies, offshore energy companies, a certification body and an onshore pile installation contractor who will support the project. More details on EPSRC project (EP/W00013X/1).
The University of Dundee is a signatory of the Researcher Development Concordat and is committed to enhancing the research environment and culture. Engagement and support of activities which assist the researcher development agenda at the University is therefore essential.
For further information about this position please contact Dr. Matteo Ciantia at m.o.ciantia@dundee.ac.uk
To find out more about the School of Science and Engineering, please visit Research in the School of Science and Engineering | University of Dundee

Closing Date: 22 January 2022

Here is the link to apply: https://ig5.i-grasp.com/fe/tpl_uod01.asp?newms=jj&id=105084&aid=14197

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