ALERT Workshop & School 2022

Dear ALERT members,
Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce to you the themes and dates of the ALERT Workshop and School 2022.

Dates of the ALERT Workshop 2022: 26th September to 28th September 2022

  • Session 1: “Mechanics of hard-soils/soft rocks
    Organizers: Claudia Vitone, Elma Charalampidou & Nadia Benahmed
  • Session 2 (half-day): “Robot ground interaction”
    Organizers: Raul Fuentes & Itai Einav.
  • Session 3: “Gravity-driven disasters in a global climate change context”
    Organizers: François Nicot, Florence Magnin, Stéphane Lambert & Francesco Calvetti.

Dates of the ALERT School 2022: 28th September to 2nd October 2022

  • Advanced experimental geomechanics
    Organizers: Edward Ando, Benjy Marks & Ryan Hurley

ALERT OZ Course 2022

There are still no propositions for the ALERT OZ Course 2022, so you are welcomed to send us your proposition!

Further information will arrive later.
Hoping to see you next year in Aussois !

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