Assistant/Associate Professor of Experimental Soil Mechanics (Delft University of Technology)

Delft University of Technology is seeking candidates for a new Assistant or Associate Professor of Experimental Soil Mechanics with a focus on physical modelling.

The position is proposed to improve our understanding of the fundamental mechanical behaviour of geotechnical structures undergoing ageing and cyclic loads, and to provide new solutions to the present and future challenges of the built (including offshore) environment. The focus is on developing new physical modelling strategies to better assess and design geotechnical structures and infrastructure subjected to increasing anthropogenic and environmental (e.g. wind, wave, hydraulic, thermal, seismic) loadings, and to study the impact of soil-fluid-structure interaction processes. Emerging sensor and imaging technologies, as well as advanced data analysis, offer the opportunity to develop a new generation of experimental techniques for geotechnical testing in the laboratory and in the field.

See attached file for more details.

Deadline for applications: 7 February 2022.

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