Call for abstracts to EGU 2022 – NH1.6 – Vegetation as nature-based solution for mitigating hydro-meteorological geohazards on slopes and streambanks

The next hybrid gathering of the European Geoscience Union – EGU 2022 – will host for the second year the session on the effects of vegetation on unsaturated slope and streambank stability.

The NH1.6 session – Vegetation as nature-based solution for mitigating hydro-meteorological geohazards on slopes and streambanks – will run also this year at the hybrid EGU 2022. The session is coordinated by Vittoria Capobianco (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute – NGI), Sabatino Cuomo (University of Salerno), Dominika Krzeminska (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research – NIBIO), Anil Yildiz (RWTH Aachen University) and Alessandro Fraccica (CIMNE, UPC Barcelona).

This session aims to stimulate interdisciplinary communication, knowledge exchange and dissemination on plant-soil-atmosphere interaction, with focus on vegetation mitigating climate-induced geohazards, particularly shallow landslides and erosion.

Contributions documenting how vegetation and roots can be beneficial also in land use planning, restoration ecology, climate change adaptation are welcome within the fields of geotechnical engineering, plant ecology, biodiversity, alpine timberline, hydrogeology and agronomy.

Interaction between research and industry, with involvement of NBS entrepreneurs, are particularly welcome.

Topics of interested are listed, including, but not limited to:
• Experimental, either laboratory or field, or numerical investigation of plant-soil-atmosphere interaction and its relation to slope or bank stability
• How to implement morpho-mechanical parameters of plants in engineering design?
• Tools, approaches, and frameworks demonstrating how vegetation can be used to mitigate climate-induced geohazards, while providing additional co-benefits
• Investigation on upscaling potential from laboratory to slope and catchment scale
• Case studies of restoration or stabilisation works, especially on design principles and performance assessment
• Ensuring interdisciplinary interaction and mutual synergies for studies containing vegetation as NBS among different disciplines

Further information about the session can be found here:

Late abstract submissions

Interested participants are welcome to submit an abstract within 26 January 2022 (13:00 CET), and choose between a vPICO, oral or poster presentation. 

Additional info about abstract submission can be found at:

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