Invitation to publish in Open Geomechanics

Open Geomechanics is an online peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to the research topics in geomechanics. It is free to publish and free to read. The peer reviews are double blind – not only the reviewers are anonymous for the authors but also vice versa. Further more, the reviews are being published together with the (accepted) papers which guarantees a full transparency of the whole process and brings an informative insight into the discussion between the authors and the reviewers.

Initially, a number of papers for Open Geomechanics came from personal invitations to the potential authors. Nevertheless, the journal wants to be a platform for the whole geomechanics community around the world. We would like to invite you to submit your contributions. You will appreciate the free access to your research results commented by the experienced peers.

Editorial Board of Open Geomechanics

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