From Lunar Exploration to Unsaturated Soils: Webinars of Shiraz U on Geotechnical Eng.

Dears colleagues,

You are more than welcome to join us in the Geotechnical Engineering Webinars, held by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Shiraz University, at:

For that you only need to write your name and enter as guest. The following table presents the title and timing of our upcoming lectures in May and June. You, your colleagues, and your students are more than welcome to join us. Although the attached booklet is in both Persian and English, the lectures are in English (a short Persian and English introduction will be given at the beginning of each lecture). Please find enclosed the list and attached the booklet of lectures in May and June, they will also be continued in the Fall semester.

Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
E. Nikooee

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