Invitation to the International Workshop on Unsaturated Soils: 3rd Edition of AGERP (2022)

Thank you for your support to the AGERP lecture series in 2020 and 2021. At AGERP’20 and AGERP’21, we have had 16 lectures and 1 panel discussion that brought together 38 renowned geoengineering experts and a huge audience from 126 countries through a free to access knowledge sharing platform. Apart from the generous support from the experts that appeared in AGERP’20 and AGERP’21, it is your participation and appreciation that largely contributed to the success of AGERP.

In the first and second edition of the AGERP lecture series, we covered quite a breadth of topics related to geotechnical engineering. With the third edition we intend to dive further and deeper into some of the specialised topics in geotechnical engineering. To that end, we are pleased to invite you to the second workshop of the AGERP 2022 which will be an International Workshop on Unsaturated Soils, this workshop is scheduled to be held from 24th to 26th May 2022 (Australia). You may register for the workshop at Program for the workshop is summarised in the attached flyer.

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