Georest workshop on induced seismicity

Victor Vilarrasa and his team at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies in Mallorca, Spain, are happy to announce the GEoREST workshop on induced seismicity from 11-13 March 2024. They are accepting abstracts until the 20th of January.

This workshop aims at fostering debate on the latest advances in process understanding, subsurface characterization and forecasting of induced seismicity. They welcome contributions from the academia and industry alike in topics ranging from, but not limited to numerical modeling, laboratory experiments, field studies, application of AI in induced seismicity, etc. They welcome contributions in the form of both posters and oral presentations that broadly fit into the following sessions:

Session 1: Understanding of the causes of induced seismicity

Session 2: Post-injection seismicity: Can we forecast it?

Session 3: Subsurface characterization 

Session 4: Forecasting induced seismicity

Session 5: Case studies of induced seismicity

Webpage of the workshop-

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