Postdoctoral positions at Nanchang University, China

Postdoctoral positions in computational geomechanics are currently open at the Geotechnical Engineering Research Group, Nanchang University, Jiangxi, China. Candidates should have graduated with a Ph.D. within the last three years and have experience in developing advanced numerical methods such as MPM, FEM and DEM, for addressing geomechanics problems. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Jingjing Meng and send your one-page CV to

We provide:

1.    Joining an outstanding research group led by the distinguished Prof Chuangbing Zhou,
2.    Comprehensive earnings ranging from 34k USD to 70k USD annually, including subsidies from the Jiangxi province and Nanchang city, salary from the university, and financial support from the research group,
3.    Flexibility for pursuing your own research excellence,
4.    Brand-new, world-class research facilities within our expanding research team, dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

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