PhD position at Lulea Sweden

The research group soil mechanics has an open PhD position about stabilization of sulfide soil.
Soil Mechanics includes soil mechanics, soil materials engineering and foundation engineering). The research addresses e.g. dams and dam construction in the short and long term (hydroelectric and mine dams), environmental geoengineering (use of residual products, dredging, handling of dredged sediments, landfill design, sedimentation and erosion), cold climate engineering (freeze and thaw, frost heave, permafrost and snow mechanics), advanced soil mechanics (mechanical properties of sulfide soil, organic soil and tailings, etc.) as well as road and railway geotechnology. Environmental geotechniques e.g. stabilization and use of acid sulfate soil in construction, is a growing issue in connection to the construction of large infrastructure in Northern Sweden.

More information on this website:

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