Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Uncertainty (Delft University of Technology)

Delft University of Technology is seeking candidates for a new Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Uncertainty.

There is an increasing need to quantify the performance of geotechnical structures and infrastructures within a reliability-based framework, so that risks can be explicitly quantified for guiding effective mitigation measures. Of fundamental importance is the need to understand uncertainties and their impacts at the soil mechanical behaviour level and at the geotechnical site level, as an essential precursor to reducing the uncertainty in soil mechanical response as well as to understanding uncertainty propagation to the structure level.

The position is proposed to investigate soil mechanical material behaviour and geotechnical structure response, accounting for uncertainties relating to, for example, data, measurements, statistics, transformation from measured data to derived properties, and external (including environmental) loadings. The position takes into consideration the random, spatial and systematic components of uncertainty, as well as uncertainties relating to the cross-correlations of material properties, and it develops new solutions to better control and reduce the geotechnical uncertainty and risk in geotechnical assessments and construction processes.

More details can be found at link.

Last day for applications: 14 April 2024.

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