Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2016

ALERT Workshop 2016
3rd  – 5th October 2016, Aussois, France

DAY 1, MONDAY, October 3
New trends in micromechanical approaches of Particulate Materials – experiments and modelling aspects
Coordinators: Minna Karstunen, Nadia Benahmed, Mahdia Hattab

  • Experimental study of the cracking mechanisms of clay during drying (Jean-Marie Fleureau, Xin Wei, Mahdia Hattab)
  • Quantitative comparison between the crack apertures, strains and microstructure in Tournemire clay-rocks (Anne-Laure Fauchille, Stephen Hedan, Valery Valle, Dimitri Prêt, Philippe Cosenza)
  • Parameteric sensitivity study of particle shape effect through 3D printing (Seung Jae Lee, Beena Sukumaran)
  • Microstructural changes in the background of the one-dimensional compression behaviour of a stiff clay (Federica Cotecchia, Francesco Cafaro, Simona Guglielmi)
  • On the determination and description of fabric in natural granular materials (Max Wiebicke, Edward Andò, Gioacchino Viggiani, Ivo Herle)
  • Conceptual micromechanical model for non-active clays (Matteo Pedrotti, Alessandro Tarantino)
  • Description of the mechanical response of soils subjected to suffusion based on a micro-hydromechanical model (Rodaina Aboul Hosn, Cong Doan Nguyen, Luc Sibille, Nadia Benahmed, Bruno Chareyre)
  • On the observation of trans-scale structural response of soft soils during mechanical loading (Jelke Dijkstra, Georgios Birmpilis, Stephen Hall)
  • Validity of DEM in describing stresses in wet granular materials (Jérôme Duriez, Mahdad Eghbalian,  Richard Wan)
  • Experimental analysis of interparticle force distribution in granular media (Stephen A. Hall, Ryan Hurley, Jonathon Wright, Stefanos Athanasopoulos)
  • Scale separation in suffusion: a micromechanical attempt (Antoine Wautier, Stéphane Bonelli, François Nicot)

DAY 2, Tuesday, October 4
Mechanics of multiphase porous media in modelling cementitious materials: from early ages to durability issues
Coordinators: Lorenzo Sanavia, Francesco Pesavento, Matthieu Briffaut

DAY 3, Wednesday, October 5
Geomechanics of faults, with applications spanning from earthquake nucleation to landslides
Coordinators: Manolis Veveakis, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Ioannis Stefanou, Jean Sulem