Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2017

ALERT Workshop 2017
2nd  – 4th October 2017, Aussois, France

DAY 1, MONDAY, 2nd October
Porous Media Mechanics from geomaterials to non-geological media
Coordinators: William G. Gray, Bernhard Schrefler, Claudio Tamagnini

  • A multiphase porous media model for vascular tumor growth and drug delivery (Bernhard Schrefler)
  • A hierarchical multi-compartment porous medium system for evolution of tumor microenvironment during avascular and vascular growth (G. Sciumé)
  • Toward the Closure of a New Generation of Multiphase Flow Models (Cass T. Miller, J.E. McLure, W.G. Gray)
  • Micromechanical micro-UNSAT expression of a stress-(quasi-elastic)strain-strength effective stress in dry and wet porous media (J. Duriez, R. Wan)
  • Swelling processes in grouting mortar induced by local phase transition (M. Sauerwein, H. Steeb)
  • Conceptual model of the microstructure of hydrophobized sand in unsaturated state conditions (P. Baryla, M. Lefik)
  • Mechanics and multi-physics of drying of particulate and polymer materials (Tomasz Hueckel)
  • Impact of drying – wetting cycles on the microstructure and hydraulic behaviour of a compacted clayey silt (A. Azizi, G. Musso, C. Jommi)
  • Experimental observations and constitutive description of the effect of compaction banding on the hydraulic properties of porous rock (J. Leuthold, E. Gerolymatou, M. Vergara)
  • The role of gas on the hydro-mechanical behaviour of peat (S. Muraro, C. Jommi)
  • A new practical analytical solution for the one-dimensional consolidation under a general time-dependent loading (M. Stickle, M. Pastor, D. Manzanal, A. Yague, P. Mira)
  • Application of IGA-FEM to second-gradient poroelastoplasticity (C. Plua, C. Tamagnini, P. Bésuelle)
  • Numerical and Experimental Approaches Using Unconventional Geomechancs for Porous Media (Mustafa Sari, Manolis Veveakis, Thomas Poulet, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb)

DAY 2, TUESDAY, 3rd October
Must Critical State Theory for Granular Mechanics be Revisited?
Coordinators: Yannis F. Dafalias, Gioacchino Viggiani

Discussion of David Muir Wood and Yannis Dafalias before having the workshop

DAY 3, Wednesday, 4th October
Advanced numerical modelling of geomaterials with emphasis on large deformation and flow problems
Coordinators: Michael A. Hicks, Pablo Mira, Lorenzo Sanavia

  • Coupling solid and fluid phases in fast landslide propagation (Manuel Pastor, Angel Yagüe, Miguel Martin Stickle, Diego Manzanal, Saeid Moussavi, Chuan Lin, Andrea Furlanetto, Pablo Mira, Jose A. Fernandez Merodo)
  • Cylinder Drag through Saturated Granular Bed in Zero Effective Gravity: Experiment and SPH Simulation (Siliang Guo, Takashi Matsushima)
  • Mechanisms and consequence of bed entrainment for landslides of the flow type (Sabatino Cuomo)
  • Local Max-Ent meshfree method applied to large deformation problems in saturated soils (Pedro Navas, Lorenzo Sanavia, Susana López-Querol, Rena C. Yu)
  • Eulerian-Lagrangian scheme for hydro-mechanical simulations on CT-scans (Martin Lesueur, Manolis Veveakis, Thomas Poulet)
  • Multiscale modeling of large deformation in geosynthetic-reinforced granular soils (Hongyang Cheng, Ning Guo, Hariyuki Yamamoto)
  • G-PFEM: a Particle Finite Element Method platform for geotechnical applications (Lluís Monforte, Marcos Arroyo, Antonio Gens, Josep Maria Carbonell)
  • Numerical simulation of cone penetration tests using G-PFEM (Laurin Hauser, Lluís Monforte, Helmut F. Schweiger, Marcos Arroyo)
  • Modelling of the progressive failure of the sensitive landslide in Saint Monique, Quebec (Quoc Anh Tran, Wojciech T. Sołowski)
  • The role of constitutive models in large deformation MPM simulations (Elliot James Fern, Kenichi Soga)
  • Application of the random material point method to slope reliability, risk and the evolution of slope failure mechanisms (Michael Hicks, Philip Vardon, Bin Wang, Leon Gonzalez-Acosta)
  • Real scale test design of a sand flowslide by MPM slope (in)stability analysis (Marco Bolognin, Michael Hicks, Philip Vardon, Alexander Rohe)
  • Modelling of compaction grouting using the implicit MPM (Peter Geißler, Ilaria Iaconeta, Matthias Baeßler, Pablo Cuéllar)